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Jam Chords Vol. I: Guitar [Deluxe Edition]

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Welcome to Jam Chords - a collection of tracks designed for beginners to play along with.

While my app and many other play-along materials are designed to help with keeping you in time, these tracks are played by me and a host of top-flight session cats - and the thing you should try to absorb here is the GROOVE - that mystical element that makes music played by humans feel different (better to most of us) than music made by computers.

On every tune, you should start with the most simple strumming possible -
  • One strum on beat 1 of each bar.
  • Then you can graduate to 2 strums per bar (on Beats 1 and 3)
  • And then to 4 down strums per bar (on all the beats).
Once you can achieve this with no pauses for the chord changes, you can start experimenting with any strumming patterns you know or are learning - or go completely off piste and just see what feels good.
It’s that good feeling in your rhythm when you play that’s key for beginners looking to advance beyond the basics - putting a smile on your face and looking for that good feeling as you play is something that will come naturally with practice - but it’ll come faster if you are looking for it!

Try to stay relaxed, because relaxed is what feels good - and a good vibe is infectious among all the people that you choose to make music with. Tense and ‘lumpy’ strumming will feel odd to a listener and it won’t feel nice to you either.

For some, this can be a very elusive thing, but with practice playing along to tracks that have a solid groove, you’re sure to absorb that good feeling and find your own.

Jam Chords Vol. I contains twelve tracks, each written and recorded to help you develop style and feel over chord progressions. To help develop your own personal playing approach, we've written each track in the styles of a major pop, rock or soul artist - I'm sure you'll figure out who's who :)

The Deluxe Edition includes a chord chart for each backing track, so that you can read through the changes while you play.

I'm enjoying jamming with them - sure you will to!!


    1. Born In The Springsteen
    2. Dance The Mavericks Away
    3. Blue Collar Rock 
    4. The Major Clapton Step
    5. A Calls Me D Chord To The E Chord
    6. Jammin To The 415
    7. Catchin Strays
    8. Hey, Where Did We Go?
    9. Fox Force Five
    10. The Coldest Of Plays
    11. All The Chords!
    12. Dreaming About A Girl



    All tracks recorded live at Jacket Studios. All content owned by Justin Sandercoe and Dave Marks ©2018.

    • Justin Sandercoe: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
    • Dave Marks: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
    • Steve Turner: Keyboards
    • Tim Bye: Drums

    Engineered by Jack Elliott Hobbs

    Produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Marks