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Jam Major Vol. I: Guitar

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The Jam Major Bass series of play along tracks are designed for people who are learning to play Lead Guitar using the Major ScaleThis kind of vocabulary is essential for almost every style I can think of - and while the best way to develop it is to spend as much time as you can playing in a real band, most people don't have that luxury - also playing with backing tracks allows you to try out new things in your practice sessions without worrying if they sound bad!

Jam Major Vol. I contains 12 tracks, each written and recorded to help you become comfortable with the sound and shape of the Major Scale. To help develop your own personal playing approach, we've written these tracks across a variety of musical styles.

    I'm enjoying jamming with them - sure you will too!


    1. G Major Pop Rock
    2. D Major Fast Rock
    3. A Major Big Rock
    4. E Major Aussie Rock
    5. G Major Wishful Here
    6. E Major Ballad
    7. F Major Chill in 3
    8. G Major Country
    9. D Major Reggae
    10. C Major Chili Funk
    11. D Major Funky Pop
    12. Bb Major Swingin


    All content owned by Justin Sandercoe and Dave Marks © 2009.

    • Guitars: Justin Sandercoe
    • Bass / Keyboards / Banjo / Slide Guitar / Drum Programming: Dave Marks